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Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction volume is growing very rapidly. Just in the third quarter of 2009, there were 1.6 BILLION ACH web transactions. This is a 20% increase from the previous year. Skyline realized the enormous need for simple, fast, and cheap solutions for businesses using ACH. This is how CheckAlt was born. CheckAlt is among the countryâ??s premier providers of automated and electronic check transaction processing, meeting the exacting needs of businesses that provide services and products to other businesses. CheckAltâ??s primary focus is on improving its clientsâ?? top and bottom lines. CheckAltâ??s unique partnership strategy, its in-depth industry knowledge, and innovative processing solutions, assists its clients in bringing additional revenue through a value added network of affiliated CheckAlt clients. In addition, CheckAlt enables its clients to reduce associated costs in transaction processing over the internet. One of the biggest operating expenses for on-line merchants is their associated credit card processing and handling fees. We facilitate the migration of expensive card-not-present (â??CNPâ??) bankcard discount fees, wire charges by the Federal Reserve Banks, and credit card fees to cost effective automated clearing house (â??ACHâ??) charges. Furthermore, CheckAlt uses various forms of check verification and risk management procedures to reduce the exposure of check losses designed specifically for each client, utilizing each clientâ??s unique risk â??foot-print.â?? In turn, our clients maximize profits and eliminate the costs associated with Check guarantee. CheckAlt does not profit by its clientsâ?? losses. In the Check guarantee model, the check guarantee company provider doesnâ??t lose, but the merchant often does. In fact, many check guarantee providers quip that they have saved merchants money by declining checks at point of purchase; while all that the guarantee company is really doing is minimizing its own risk exposure at the expense of the merchant. CheckAltâ??s risk management procedures minimize our clients risk exposure, without impeding their profitability. CheckAlt Payment Solutions is among the countryâ??s premier payment processing companies providing Check21 services allowing businesses nationwide to utilize its eCheck and patented Remote Desktop Capture (RDC) systems to improve their top and bottom lines. The CheckAlt eCheck is the â??email a checkâ?? solution that allows businesses from merchants and property managers to universities and non-profits to maximize cash flow and accounting accuracy. CheckAltâ??s unique RDC empowers businesses such as credit unions and community banks by enabling them to locally deposit scanned checks virtually while reducing associated internet transaction processing costs. Streamlined clients experience the benefits of receiving funds in less than 12 hours without having to change banks or accounting systems. Swift, simple, and safe: CheckAlt Payment Solutions is the smartest way to do business.


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