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IndiaPay Payment Engine Launched in India â?? An enterprise-wide payment processing platform for routing commercial payments between buyers, suppliers and their financial institutions. The IndiaPay Payment Engine is a comprehensive, end-to-end, modular solution that offers several key features, including immediate paper check truncation with straight through processing from merchantâ??s counter top, which can enhance security and control for financial institutions and their corporate customers. Check Truncation at Merchantâ??s Location IndiaPay offers banks and their corporate customers a bevy of top-rate products. We have an answer to every prospectâ??s painâ?¦ and now so will you. From Check conversion to image encryption and transmission, we really have what it takes to process paper checks at electronic speed and get money faster. Through years of experience in the check industry we recognized that by using latest technology available, we can reduce delays, provide maximum efficiency and instant settlement results to the parties involved in check payments. IndiaPay has created a check truncation program that is a comprehensive answer to make the whole payment collection by check process faster, efficient and fraud safe. In addition to collecting and presenting checks to the CTS, our platform provides back end capabilities to the presenting banks and corporation to precisely comply with all RBI norms and regulations. Comprehensive Credit/Debit/Cash Card Processing Saves businesses the expensive and difficulty of implementing a turnkey payment processing solution. IndiaPay Platform provides all the service and functionality a business needs to start accepting credit/debit and prepaid cards at the store through POS (Point of Sale Terminal) , online, through mobile and through IVR. Rapid Payment Processing Delivers instantaneous payment processing to maximize sales opportunities and customer satisfaction. Accept all major Credit/Debit/Cash cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. By accepting all major credit cards your business can increase its sales potential. You can also accept different prepaid cards. Online Merchant Center IndiaPay Online Merchant Center provides enterprise back-office services featuring robust reporting and utility options. IndiaPay provides businesses the tool they need to effectively manage their online business. Industrial-strength security screening Ensures customers 100% online purchasing security over secure socket layer (SSL) or dedicated lease line. Fraud & Risk Management Customizable fraud and risk management system that allows businesses to employ an optimal level of protection for their business. The result is maximized sales and minimized risk. Excellent World Class Support from Industry Leaders IndiaPay provides advanced and reliable client support with signed SLAs. IndiaPay gives businesses the personal attention and responsiveness they need to succeed online. Financial Services Benefits Financial institutions that process payments with the new platform can enjoy automated payments with straight through processing, decreased paper check processing costs, automated reconciliation via enhanced remittance information for common payment types and preference among buyers that pay electronically. Corporate customers that rely on IndiaPay Payment Engine can drive efficiencies by streamlining their payment options, integrating with existing accounts payable processes and can save money by enabling one connection. The modular nature of the IndiaPay Payment Engine will provide financial institutions with an enterprise-wide electronic solution that they can re-brand and make available to their corporate customers, or integrate into their current product offerings to enhance their functionality and efficiency. This can enable them to increase payment volumes without building infrastructure, potentially grow profits with additional fees, deepen customer relationships and differentiate from the competition.





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