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MOLPay is the leading multi-channel payment gateway in Southeast Asia, and the only one that accepts cash payments for online purchases, through physical outlets such as convenience stores and bookstores. Our multi-channel solution enables your e-commerce website to connect to hundreds of payment channels within a single integration. 

MOLPay offers a wide range of e-commerce payment solutions - from online payment acceptance and processing, fraud management and payment security. It is a simple setup for any e-commerce store whilst bringing convenience and security to the forefront for any online buyers.


B-13-3A, Jalan Multimedia 7/AH, CityPark, i-City Shah Alam,



Main Phone Number+(603) 5521 8438
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Latest company news

MOLPay launches Seamless Payment for E-Commerce Merchants

KUALA LUMPUR | MOLPay, one of the leading Payment Service Provider in Asia, launched a new payment solution for online merchants. MOLPay’s Seamless Payment eliminates a step in the payment flow by redirecting shoppers to the internet banking site instead of redirecting to the payment gateway payment page. MOLPay's seamless paym [...]

MOLPay adds POLi and NganLuong payment methods

KUALA LUMPUR | MOLPay, online payment solutions provider in Southeast Asia, now supports online payments for Australia (POLi) and Vietnam (NganLuong). POLi: Australia's alternative payment method In order to help merchants to reach to wide [...]

MOLPay CASH enabling Ecommerce Merchants to Accept Cash

KUALA LUMPUR | MOLPay, Payment Service Provider in South-East Asia, launches a new innovative payment option for e-commerce merchants. Online merchants can now accept cash from consumers at the nearest 7-Eleven outlet and get notified in real time when payments are made through MOLPay. MOLPay CASH < [...]

MOLPay as payment gateway for Wordpress and Blogspot users in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR | MOLPay, the leading online payment solution provider in Southeast Asia is now the payment gateway forwww.ichoose.my, the domain mapping platform launched recently by MyNIC.   MyNIC and MOLPay MyNIC, the sole administrator for web addresses that end with .my in Malaysia is a government agency under Ministry of Communications and Multimedia M [...]

MOLPay launches Secure 1-Click Payment

KUALA LUMPUR | MOLPay, an online payment solution provider in Southeast Asia, has launched Secure 1-Click Payment solution which enables customers to complete mobile transactions in a single click. In compliance with the central bank regulations, One Time Password (OTP) authentication is set to follow-through if a credit card is 3D-enabled.   1-Click Payment

Payment Service Provider MOLPay launches Loyalty Programme in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR |  MOLPay launches Malaysia’s first-ever payment gateway loyalty programme by partnering with BCARD. Payment Service Provider MOLPay announced that the company has linked all its merchants and their customers with BCARD reward programme which allows online buyers to collect BPoints and at the same time help merchants to grow their businesses and sales revenue. All MOLPa [...]


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