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Blockchain Payments 2015 | September 30, 2015

Exclusive “Hands-on” event on Blockchain payments technology

Introduction & Profile

The Blockchain Payments 2015 event will set the scene by addressing both the development and the technicality of digital currencies.

Second part of the event will focus on the elements that need to be considered before entering the digital currency space (Risk). Finally, the event will address the products that Payment service providers can implement – the key selling points. Blockchain payments could take a serious role within the payment industry. The event will focus on implementation and exploration of the bitcoin as substitute for the traditional payments methods. The event is organised by Deloitte and Coinify.



This 1-day conference is organised by CAC Academy and Deloitte and will take place at Deloitte’s spaces in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The day consists of three building blocks:

1. Legal and BlockChain

  • Governments - and decentralised payments systems (local speaker, TBA)
  • Technicality - explanation by Lasse Birk Olesen (Coinify
2. BlockChain and Risk
  • Risk - assessment & mitigation with the new payment technology
  • International development - Martin Von Haller (Bird & Bird) 
3. Merchant and PSP Solutions
  • Business Case - Get to know merchant solution for Europe (Coinify) and their PSP partner
  • Panel Discussion - Future Blockchain payment possibilities

Target Audience

Vendors will gain: 

  • Business opportunities and meet with key decision makers in the finance, retail banking and retail industry
  • Image and profiling with key decision makers in the field
  • The benefits of being associated with the leading parties (Deloitte)
  • The chance to demonstrate concrete solutions to a select target audience

Attendees and Decision Makers will be:

  • Updated on the latest technology solutions for the sector
  • Offered a forum for dialogue and knowledge sharing
  • In up close dialogue with vendors engaged in BlockChain technology
  • Able to create and maintain networks among representatives from significant payments, finance, retail banking and retail industries 

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Also, please note that this conference has very limited seating capacity and we treat the registrations on a first-comes first-serves basis. Here is the link to the Blockchain Payments 2015 Event Registration.



Contact Information

Christian Larsen – Managing Director  | Phone: +45 42 75 00 01  |  |

Thomas Hjortkjaer Petersen |  Deloitte – Partner  |  |  Phone: +45 30 93 63 20



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