United Kingdom, 2014-06-23

eTail Europe| 23-25 June 2014

LONDON | eTail Europe, a conference focusing on customers and multi-platform understanding, is the premier event for senior eCommerce and online marketing executives. World class networking opportunities and in-depth industry research support retail industry growth.

eTail Europe: focus on the unique European environment

eTail Europe brings 600+ senior-level leading eCommerce and online marketing professionals from diverse industries, including but not limited to; Apparel, Accessories, Sporting Goods, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Hard and Soft Goods, Home Furnishings, Books, Music, Luxury, Travel, Office Products, Department Stores and more to find solutions for their top challenges. Launched in 1999, eTail continues in the US as the leading eCommerce event. eTail Europe brings the same knowledge with a focus on the unique European environment.

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Top Pain Points

eTail Europe Delivers Solutions To Your Top Pain Points:

  • Mobile & Tablet: Building for mobile first- determining how to prioritise what to include on mobile vs. tablet vs. online
  • Responsive Design: Discovering how to unify your code base and deliver customised experiences depending on the device (tablet, smart TV, mobile, web, wearable)
  • Customer Insights & Analytics: Creating visibility of data from all channels in one place
  • Multi-Channel Restructure:Restructuring organisations to be more customer centric & move away from siloed P&L channels
  • Digital Stores: Disrupting the in-store experience through tablets, innovative layouts & using it as a hub to test items that have been reserved online X

Why Attend eTail Europe?

  • Best Bang For Your Buck: 3 Days, 50+ sessions, 65+ Retail Speakers, 200+ actionable takeaways
  • Most Senior Conference In The Industry: 85% of speakers are at a eCommerce Director level or above. Hear from the people making real decisions
  • Highest Ratio Of Retailer’s To Vendors In The Industry: Meet and network with your peers by having a ratio of at least 2 Retailers to each solution provider
  • US Leading eCommerce Event Since ’99: Now adapted to Europe and has been running for 7+ years with 660+ attendees in 2013
  • Truly International Event: 20 countries represented in 2013
  • The Most In-Depth Hottest Topics: Made for the industry, by the industry due to 9 months of research, organization & planning
  • Strong Reputation: 93% of last year's attendees would recommend eTail Europe to their colleagues

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