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Global E-commerce Summit 2015 | 8-10 June 2015

Strategies in a competitive global e-commerce landscape

The Global E-Commerce Summit is the leading international event focusing on the most important trends and developments in global e-commerce, cross-border trade and omnichannel retail.


The world is getting smaller and borders are increasingly blurring. This presents various opportunities for retailers to reach potential customers. Expanding sales to foreign countries is an excellent means by which the home market saturation can be compensated. At the same time, the prospect of entering a new market can be frightening. In order to be successful in global retailing, vendors need to establish which markets are suitable for them and develop an individually tailored strategy accordingly.

During the Global E-commerce Summit highly experienced global retailers will provide insights regarding their strategies and share their success stories and pitfalls. How did they broach foreign markets? How did they develop a strategy and which obstacles did they face?

Across all channels

While expanding global, how to design a good cross channel strategy? What does the effort involved in omnichannel – being ever-present everywhere – demand of your organization? Which choices will you be confronted with and what types of employee, with which set of skills, will you need to ensure success? Leading retailers share their experiences and give practical tips.

New business models

Digital is changing the way brands and marketeers communicate with consumers; thus it can be difficult to keep up with trends. What's hot today can be cold tomorrow. New business models are changing the online retail game in profound ways. Never before have your customers been able to contribute so directly to your company's product design, marketing, and sales efforts – if you know how to tap into them, that is.

That’s why this year’s Global E-commerce Summit is full of topics like Communities and Crowdsourcing, MeCommerce, Personalization, Big Data and other important emerging digital trends that will impact brands and marketeers in 2015 and beyond.

Three days with inspiring key notes, market insights, business strategies, useful business cases, networking possibilities (like the Global E-commerce Party) and of course the fifth edition of the European E-commerce Award ceremony.

Global E-commerce Summit 2015

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