eMerchantPay expands footprint across MENA region via agreement with cashU

eMerchantPay, a European provider of online payment processing services to merchants worldwide, has joined forces with cashU, an online payment gateway in the Middle East and North Africa, to expand its presence in the Middle East and North Africa.

Via its partnership, eMerchantPay will be able to offer a cash payment method for its clients to serve customers in geographies where non-card payment use is dominant. cashU delivers payment services in the Middle East and North Africa that give consumers the opportunity to buy online without discriminating on age, income, nationality or banking contacts.

eMerchantPay provides online payment processing and settlement in over 40 worldwide currencies as well as a portfolio of payment methods that include credit cards, debit cards, online banking methods, e-wallets, micro-payments, alternative payments, local cards and direct debit.

cashU, part of Jabbar Internet Group, enables its account holders to use funds in their account to shop online through the cashU portal, which gives access to 4,500 merchants in 35 countries. The cashU network connects account holders, online and offline resellers as well as online businesses and merchants.


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