Target Makes Online Shopping Secure and Simple with TNSPay from TNS

Leading retail destination Target Australia is now utilising the TNSPay™ gateway service from Transaction Network Services (NYSE:TNS) in its successful online shopping operation

As part of the TNSPay gateway service, Target Australia benefits from the TNSPay Hosted Payment Form and TNSPay Stored Card Tokenization to help minimise the potential for eCommerce fraud.

Target Australia IT Delivery Centre Manager, David Hamilton, said: “The TNSPay gateway offers added value to our business’ multi-channel retailing infrastructure, with particular regard to fraud guidance and developing future opportunities in this exciting area. Target Australia’s working relationship with TNS has developed as our organisation’s online enterprise is embraced by tech savvy customers.”

John Banfield, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TNS’ Asia Pacific Payments Division, said: “TNSPay provides powerful capabilities that can reduce PCI DSS scope and improve data security. Our TNSPay Hosted Payment Form and Stored Card Tokenization solutions allow merchants to collect payment information and process recurring payments without ever bringing card data inside their environment. We are excited to provide these capabilities to Target Australia to help them continue to grow their online business.”

TNSPay Hosted Payment Form easily integrates into a merchant’s web payment page and allows the shopper’s details to be posted directly onto a hosted service within TNS’ PCI DSS certified processing environment. Target retains full control of the payment pages branding, while its PCI compliance tasks are minimised since card data never enters its merchant environment. The Hosted Payment Form solution gives Target the flexibility to post data to the TNSPay processing environment at multiple points during the checkout process, minimising the potential for data to get lost when a customer navigates back and forth within a shopping session. This gives Target the ability to validate certain customer data points prior to the end of the checkout session, which can help increase the likelihood that the sale will be authorized when the customer submits the order. All of these features can help provide a better customer experience for Target shoppers.

TNS’ Stored Card Tokenization is a feature within TNSPay that enables merchants to remove the need to store card details in their own systems for functions such as recurring billing, customer support or marketing. With Stored Card Tokenization, TNSPay retains the card information in a PCI DSS certified processing environment and returns a token back to the merchant to identify the payment information and the customer. When the card details need to be accessed in the future for further payment processing needs, the merchant simply sends the new payment information together with the token details to TNS and TNSPay manages the transaction for them. All of this happens without the card details ever entering or being stored in the merchant environment, helping the merchant to minimise the scope and complexity of complying with PCI DSS requirements.

TNSPay gateway processes more than a quarter of a billion transactions a year and is part of a comprehensive range of payment services TNS has developed since entering the card transaction processing market as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) over 20 years ago. Through TNSPay and its broader payment solution offering, TNS now connects over a million merchants and retailers to the world’s leading banks, acquirers and processors, enabling secure, efficient and cost-effective delivery and processing of payments.

The TNSPay platform leverages the core TNS Secure Payments Network. This high-availability network spans the globe and has connections into the world’s leading processors and acquirers. With the ability to provide the TNSPay solution directly to merchants or to distribute it via partnerships, TNS has been able to assist companies, including leading card associations, retailers and travel companies expand and grow their businesses.

TNS’ global expertise extends to more than 60 countries across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas regions

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