PAY.ON, Valitor team up to market cross-border acquiring services

PAY.ON, a global provider of online payment and risk management technologies and Valitor, the Iceland-based multi-brand payment card acquirer have teamed up to market cross-border acquiring services.

Under the terms of the deal, Valitor is connected to the PAY.ON gateway PayPipe and fully integrated into the platform PaySourcing. Both systems enable PSPs to utilise global online payment processing as well as gaining access to the network of connectors and payment schemes worldwide through a single interface. Furthermore, PAY.ON clients will have access to Valitor´s payment platform which supports cross-border acquiring services through a range of e-commerce segments and markets.

Valitor provides its cross-border acquiring services to partners, merchants, banks and cardholders around the world. The company is working in close collaboration with Visa EU and MasterCard.

PAY.ON offers two technologies, namely PaySourcing, a modular platform for global payment outsourcing and PayPipe, an e-gateway for global payment routing. The company’s system has connectors at more than 140 third-party systems and supports all major payment methods and currencies worldwide.

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