WorldPay, MoBank enter mobile commerce partnership

LONDON - Global provider of payment and risk services WorldPay has teamed up with mobile commerce, banking and payments operator MoBank Group.

Through this partnership, merchants using the WorldPay payments gateway are set to have access to the MoPowered platform, which is MoBank Group’s mobile commerce system.

The MoPowered platform enables retailers to develop a mobile strategy by accessing an application on all major operating systems and a website optimized for mobile use.

As such, WorldPay customers that implement the MoPowered platform are set to have the same levels of security through the mobile channel as through their own mobile commerce platform. This is achieved because the MoBank system is compatible with 3D security schemes like VerifiedByVisa and MasterCard SecureCode.

According to recent research conducted by WorldPay, nearly 25 percent of consumers currently use their mobile for shopping, while the same figure for iPhone users reaches 50 percent. The same study reveals that this trend is set to increase because more smartphones have been sold in the Q4 2010 than PCs.

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