Pivotal Payments Launches Proprietary Back-End Processing Platform

New state-of-the-art HD3 platform provides innovative payment processing advantages to sales partners and merchants

MONTREAL, April 13 /CNW Telbec/ - Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of merchant services, today announces that it is launching its enhanced processing and reporting platform called HD3. As one of the top merchant providers in North America, Pivotal Payments has now positioned itself to be a consummate merchant payment processor. By eliminating the middle-man, HD3 will allow Pivotal Payments to further tailor their merchant services to meet the needs of their partners and clients with real-time access to data, resulting in faster client care response and rapid problem resolution, along with tougher fraud protection measures.

"Since 2003, we have provided ISO merchant services to over 60,000 clients in North America. And with this strategic investment, Pivotal Payments is now better positioned to serve our clients with a fully integrated North American back-end and back-office processing solution," said Philip Fayer, president and CEO, Pivotal Payments. "As an organization, we are committed to excellence through innovation and now that we have taken processing in-house, we are able to further enhance not only our internal capabilities, but also increase our level of service to our partners and merchants."

HD3 stands for Highly Diverse, Dependable and Deliverable, referring to the improved efficiencies Pivotal Payments will attain as a result of this deployment.

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