PagBrasil adds payment method: Banricompras

BARCELONA | PagBrasil added Banricompras to its broad set of Brazilian payment methods. It is the third online banking payment method PagBrasil offers besides Bradesco Comercio Eletrônico and Bradesco Comercio Eletrônico. All of them offer online shoppers the ease of paying via bank transfer with just a few clicks.


Merchants benefit from instant payment confirmations and zero chargeback risks. Considering that most of Brazilian debit cards aren’t enabled for online purchases, additionally offering these alternative means of payment is important to increase conversions.


PagBrasil is the premier online payment processing service in Brazil designed for international merchants, e-commerce platforms and payment service providers. With PagBrasil merchants can sell cross boarder and receive the funds in US dollars or Euros in their country without having a local company in Brazil or they can also sell locally and be paid in Brazilian Real. Clients gain access to the broadest set of local payment methods, which may immediately multiply your sales within Brazil.



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