Google Wallet Instant Buy - Fast and Easy Checkout for Android App Retailers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. | Shopping for physical goods on mobile devices is a difficult experience for consumers, leading to 97% of mobile shoppers abandoning their shopping carts. Last October, Google launched a Google Wallet API to speed up payments on mobile sites. Today, Google are inviting U.S. developers to sign up for our new Google Wallet Instant Buy Android API, which makes buying in native Android apps fast and easy.


The Instant Buy API is designed for merchants and developers selling physical goods and services, who already have a payment processor and are looking to simplify the checkout experience for their customers. Developers selling digital goods within their apps will continue to use Google Play In-app Billing, which offers full payment processing capability, including support for carrier billing and gift cards.


The Instant Buy API provides Android developers with these important benefits:


  • Fast checkout for Android users buying physical goods. Users who buy on Google properties have set up Google Wallet. They can now checkout in Android apps in as few as 2 clicks without having to manually enter their billing or shipping information. Google Wallet securely sends this information to the developer with the user's permission.
  • Easy app registration. More logged in users. By implementing Google+ Sign-in along with Instant Buy, developers can enable users to sign-in directly with their Google account, instantly creating an app registration. Having more logged in users allows developers to deliver a highly engaging, personalized experience.
  • More secure payments. All transactions are monitored for fraud 24/7 and covered by Google Wallet Purchase Protection to enable a safer shopping experience for your customers.
  • Easy integration. No Google fees. Since Google is not processing payments or managing fulfillment, there are no additional fees or complex integrations.

Apps integrated with Google Wallet will require the latest version of Google Play Services, which is rolling out to all Android devices in the next day or so. To learn more, please visit the Google Wallet for Business site. Click here for a full list of launching partners (merchants) and to read the original article by Prakash Hariramani, Senior Product Manager, Google Wallet.



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