Shoot It Yourself selects SecureTrading to manage online payments processing

Shoot It Yourself, a company which produces television wedding videos, has selected SecureTrading, the UK-based online payment processor, to manage its online payments processing.

Under the terms of the deal, SecureTrading’s online payment service enables Shoot It Yourself’s customers to make online transactions. Founded in 1997, SecureTrading’s online card payment services allow its customers to accept credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods such as PayPal and Ukash online. The company also provides a suite of counter-fraud services, ranging from 3-D Secure, CVV2 and AVS to SecureTrading Fraud Score enabling IP checking and SecureTrading Identity Check allowing full KYC checks. For businesses looking to expand internationally, SecureTrading supports Dynamic Currency Conversion as well as European payment systems including ELV, iDeal, Sofortüberweisung and Giropay.

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