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LUXEMBOURG | Yapital, the first European provider of cross-channel payment services, has announced, just a few weeks before it launches operations, that it has entered into a close partnership with Computop, a leading global payment service provider (PSP).


Through this first collaboration with a PSP, the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group has gained further access to a large number of end customers: Computop is the technical service provider in the partnership and makes it possible for large, international companies in particular to achieve smooth and secure handling of their e-commerce payment processes.


With the inclusion of Yapital, Computop is opening up additional target groups to its customers. In order to ensure that retailers can be involved right from the start, the payment service provider Yapital has already integrated Paygate into its payment platform. The interfaces for all widely-used shop solutions, such as Demandware, hybris, Magento and Oxid, are also currently being augmented for Yapital. Computop customers will be able to quickly and easily incorporate Yapital into their lists of payment options.


"Yapital is the first genuine cross-channel payment solution to be launched in the European market," explains Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board at Yapital. "Anyone introducing something really new, as we are doing, has to not only accommodate end customers in as many places as possible right from the very start, but also particularly involve them via the channel provided by trusted - i.e. large - companies. To achieve this goal, the partnership with Computop is an important step."


Stephan Kück, Managing Director of Computop, adds: "The cross-channel payment solution from Yapital fits perfectly with our strategy of quickly making major payment platforms available to our customers. And in this case it isn't just a matter of increasing sales opportunities for our customers by providing an additional attractive payment method: Yapital is also of particular interest to all the numerous multi-channel retailers amongst our customers, as it functions easily and securely on all channels."


The collaboration between Yapital and Computop begins with immediate effect in Luxembourg and in the DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) region and will gradually be rolled out in other European markets.



About Yapital Financial AG


Yapital is the first European cashless cross-channel payment solution covering all channels: stationary, mobile, online and invoice. Handling is easy, quick and secure: after online registration, the user can immediately carry out payments with Yapital using any channel, sending and receiving money.


For business customers, Yapital constitutes a guaranteed means of payment - it provides process security and reduces administrative costs. In addition, Yapital seamlessly covers all business and service channels and thus enables marketing channels to become sales channels. Business customers can therefore use Yapital not only to reduce costs, but also to tap into sales potential at the same time.


Yapital was founded in 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. Yapital Financial AG is licensed in Luxembourg as an e-money institution.


The Computop Paygate Platform


Paygate from Computop is a PCI-certified payment platform which offers multi-channel service providers and retailers a secure payment solution as well as effective fraud prevention for international markets. Using a central interface, Paygate from Computop enables dealers to access over fifty local and international payment systems, covering all relevant systems in the fields of e-commerce, m-commerce and point of sale. Leading providers of e-commerce solutions, such as Demandware, hybris, Intershop, Magento, Oxid eSales, SAP Business ByDesign and Websale, support Paygate from Computop as a preferred payment service solution for global payment processes. As a white label solution, Paygate from Computop is also available to banks and payment service providers so that the latter can offer their business customers a secure and seamlessly integrated payment system.


About Computop


Computop is a leading global payment service provider (PSP) and offers secure solutions which comply with directives in the fields of e-commerce, point of sale, m-commerce and mail order / telephone order (MOTO). Since the company was founded in 1997, its headquarters have been located in Bamberg, Germany. There are additional independent sales offices in China, England and the USA. With a customer network of over 2,000 major international merchants - from sectors such as retail, travel and gaming/gambling - Computop process payment volumes of more than seven billion US dollars per year. The company provides support for globally active companies such as C&A, Fossil, Metro Cash & Carry, Samsung and TUI. In cooperation with its extensive network of providers of banking services, which it has built up over many years, Computop offers a complete multi-channel solution, catering for the needs of modern markets, which provides merchants with seamlessly integrated payment processes.


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