PayZang Announces Recurring Billing, Mobile And Online Payments For Utility Companies

SALT LAKE CITY | PayZang announced a new breed of payment products for utility companies providing gas, electricity, water, sewage, waste removal or any other service to collect payments in a timely and secure manner from its consumers. Whether a utility company is offering budget billing that allows consumers to level monthly utility bill amounts or home energy assistance programs or good neighbor programs or payment assistance for seniors or other contribution based share programs subsidizing low income families, PayZang’s products and services can assist utility companies in tailoring payments to suit its needs.


The major highlights of this offering are merchant accounts that enable utility companies to accept card and ACH payments through a unified portal. In addition, all this comes with zero setup and zero monthly fees, a first true pay-as-you-go merchant account to be launched in this space. Some of key products offered by PayZang as part of this launch are:


Quick Setup With Hosted Online Payment Page: Utility companies can add a state-of-the-art online payment page and start accepting payments from its consumers right away. An online payment page allows both, card and ACH payments to be accepted via a unified page. The online payment can be customized to match the look and feel of the utilities website.


A Complete Pay As You Go Merchant Account:

PayZang provides a true pay-as-you-go payment solution to suit the needs of utility companies that operate on a razor thin margin or simply want to watch the bottom line. Utility companies can setup payment accounts with Zero Setups, Zero Monthly Fees on a month-to-month contract. Over time these savings can add of several thousand dollars while retaining the best-of-the-breed payment processing ability seamlessly.


Accept Late Payments Anywhere With Mobile Payments App: PayZang’s mobile payment app is intended for utilities to collect late fees or other fines on the spot, whether it is charging for extra cleaning or an additional service. PayZang’s mobile payment application on the iOS based platform is compatible with iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod with Android OS support coming soon.


Predict Your Revenue With Recurring Payments: One critical need for any utility company is to stabilize revenue collection and predication to underwrite new development or upkeep. The ability to accept recurring payment adds predictability into revenue collection and reduces the cost of payment collection or delinquency related costs. PayZang enables utility companies to collect monthly fees with the same ease as collecting one-time payments. This is enabled by providing a virtual terminal or online payment page to help both, utility company personnel and the consumer to configure recurring payments. Using the same Virtual Terminal interface, administrators can configure recurring payments in bulk.


Administering Payroll And Paying For Services: Most utility companies have to maintain payroll. PayZang’s ACH credit initiation facility allows them to do payroll or pay for services like property maintenance, utility maintenance etc. The credit initiation via ACH is accomplished via the same interface. In addition, using PayZang’s payment API, utility companies can integrate payroll with their accounting software or other intra company software.


Centralized Reporting For All Services: PayZang’s centralized reporting offers user-friendly reports, easy-to-read account summaries, in-depth transaction data, and monthly profit-losses.


A Comprehensive Payments API: For utility companies or companies developing software for utility companies, PayZang’s API provides the most comprehensive support to automate payments and establish a customized and integrated system. It is an ideal solution for utilities provider software companies looking to accept payments within their mobile application or their website, or to provide the ability for their customers in the utility space to accept or initiate payments.


About PayZang:

PayZang provides superior, cutting-edge payment processing solutions for business owners, online merchants, and even brick-and-mortar operations regardless of the size of their business. Developed to supply reliable and user-friendly on-demand merchant services, PayZang offers solutions such as a customizable pay-as-you-go model that works with its intuitive suite of merchant tools for handling payment processing needs across a wide range of industries. For more information about PayZang’s merchant services and products, visit or contact an authorized consultant through the website’s online contact form.



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