Shopify integrates Credit Card Payment Processing in their Ecommerce Storefronts

NATICK, MA - United States | Sellers utilizing the Shopify platform for their ecommerce storefronts have another option for credit card processing available now. Shopify announced several feature for their integrated payment processing service.


Shopify said new merchants would be automatically setup with Payments when they open their stores. Existing stores may opt to enable Payments from their dashboards. The program will allow merchants to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Shopify Payments will be available first for U.S. stores, with Canada and other countries slated to follow shortly.


Charges per transaction will vary depending on which Shopify plan a merchant has. Starter plan merchants will pay 2.9% plus 30 cents per transactions, while Unlimited plan merchants pay 2.25% plus 30 cents. Shopify said they would not charge anything additional for American Express or international credit cards, nor will they charge fees for included PCI compliance protections.


The Payments service provides real-time tracking of payments within Shopify. Merchants may opt to receive email notifications when payments move from Shopify to their bank accounts. Payment information will be synced with individual orders for sellers to review.


A Shopify spokesperson also told that Shopify does plan to expand the payment methods and mediums through which merchants can accept payments in the future. Though no specific details are available yet, Shopify does have lots of feature updates planned.


Shopify currently powers over 60,000 active online merchants. The company recently announced those merchants have sold over $2 billion in gross merchandise value through Shopify. Of that amount, Shopify said $1.5 billion came from sales just in 2013, showing their extremely fast growth.


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Article by David A. Utter, 13 August 2013



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