Payza Named as an Alternative to the "Internet's Most Hated Company"

NEW YORK | When users on Reddit were asked which Internet company had forever lost their business, an overwhelming number of respondents answered PayPal. They were by far the online company that caused users the most frustration. The backlash against Paypal was so severe that the popular news site, the Daily Beast, ranked them worst in their article “The Internet’s 9 Most Hated Companies”.


The Daily Beast article also pointed out that Payza, the global online payment platform, is a notable alternative to PayPal and a great choice for consumers and merchant’s alike. Because Payza’s Customer Support team can be reached 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday and because our services are available in more countries than PayPal, it’s not too surprising that Payza was listed as a recommended alternative.


Payza was also cited as a great alternative to PayPal by MakeUseOf in their recent article “Why You Don’t Have To Use PayPal For Online Transactions: 5 PayPal Alternatives”. Some of the factors that make Payza great according to MakeUseOf are the fact that we support “over 190 countries and over 20 currencies,” and that we have a reasonable and easy to understand “simple fee structure”.


Payza Focused on People


At Payza we do everything we can to make our services as user-friendly as possible. We recently redesigned our Checkout Page to make purchasing quicker and easier for both consumers and merchants. The new process is so fast some members have said they can complete a checkout in under 30 seconds!


Having an easy-to-reach Customer Support team is also very important to us, which is why we give our members options to reach us either by phone, by live chat, by support ticket, or even through social media channels like our Payza Support account on Twitter. We’ve also just opened a new support forum,Payza Community, which allows Payza members and non-members alike to ask questions, to share ideas and to get assistance from our friendly staff.


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