Zooz and FirstData partner to power transactions for U.S. market

NEW YORK, NY | Zooz, an innovative online payment solution provider, is making several important announcements during the Finovate Fall conference, taking place September 10-11 in New York. Zooz will preview its newest offering aimed at e-commerce merchants on stage, alongside a partnership case study presented by FirstData, who will deliver an overview of the mutual collaboration between Zooz and FirstData in the U.S. market.


Leverage unified checkout experience

Recognized for driving cutting-edge innovation in the industry, Zooz’s latest offering extends their reach beyond retailers and mobile application developers to also support pure-play e-commerce merchants. Increasingly, retailers and e-commerce merchants are facing a growing problem because they want to be able to offer their customers and shoppers a unified checkout experience that works consistently across all platforms – web, mobile, or tablet.


Zooz’s new product provides an advanced HTML5 smart checkout that is highly adaptive and dynamically changes the user interface according to each device and operating system (i.e. Android, iOS, web) to present shoppers with an optimized experience across all channels. It also only requires a single implementation, enabling merchants to quickly deliver the ultimate web-based commerce experience to shoppers across desktop, tablets and smartphones.


Fast Checkout for multiple online payment methods

Already used by thousands of merchants, Zooz’s latest functionality incorporates all the benefits of its flagship offering, including its “Fast Checkout” functionality, support for e-commerce sites and mobile apps, multiple payment methods, and its unique fraud detection capabilities, based on its patent-pending, device centric technology. Of particular appeal to merchants and retailers, Zooz takes the backend and frontend aspects of online payments and optimizes them into a single solution that enables businesses to improve the online payments experience for their customers and increase their revenues.


All-in-One Checkout Solution 

With HTML5 becoming better, faster and more ubiquitous, people increasingly expect an exceptional unified experience across all of the channels they use. Therefore, it’s crucial for retailers and merchants to keep up with consumers who adopt new technologies faster than they do. When using Zooz, merchants save invaluable time, since they don’t have to invest resources to become PCI-compliant, or undertake A\B testing of a user interface, integrate new payment methods, develop for different platforms or manage anti-fraud procedures.


Zooz's Product Features

As part of optimizing the backend for merchants, from the onset, Zooz has also been providing a comprehensive set of security and fraud detection tools on top of standard best practices, enabling merchants to focus on their core business. Zooz’s new, comprehensive offering delivers merchants and developers with the highest value, range of functionality, and backed by the industry leader in merchant processing -- all to enable “commerce everywhere”. Following are some of Zooz’s latest product features:


  • optimized user interface,
  • one-click payment across different websites from the same device,
  • ability to identify an address or leverage a shopper’s zip code, storing and presenting a shopper’s shipping details across different websites, and
  • use of different UI elements for full compatibility with each operating system.

Cutting-Edge Technology Powered by Industry-Leading Processing

Zooz has selected FirstData as its official processing partner in the U.S. market to power transactions for Zooz merchants. The combination between Zooz's innovative technology and FirstData’s industry-leading merchant services enables the two companies to offer extremely high value and very competitive fees, thus making it easy for merchants of all sizes to enjoy an optimized, “commerce everywhere” solution.


“We believe that this is a great partnership that will encourage more and more companies to embrace Zooz’s innovation and improve the experience for their merchants. By keeping our focus on creating a superior consumer checkout, Zooz continues to help our merchants to increase their revenues and improve the experience, in turn, for their customers. Zooz’s advancements underscore our commitment to enable merchants of all shapes and sizes to “transform the checkout” and truly deliver commerce everywhere,” said Oren Levy, Co-founder and CEO of Zooz.


Free “Plug-and-Play” Magento Plug-In

Zooz is also announcing immediate availability of its free Magento plug-in, which gives merchants a simple and rapid "plug-and-play" implementation of its new offering -- without the merchant having to do any development or additional integration as many others require. Zooz also plans making additional shopping cart-specific plug-ins available soon.


About Zooz

Through its unique checkout platform, Zooz offers a complete, secure, and easy-to-use payment solution for e-commerce websites and mobile apps. Zooz provides retailers and merchants with a set of tools that enables them to increase shopping conversion rates, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and grow their business based on smart consumer insights generated by its platform. By focusing on users’ behaviors and needs, Zooz provides a standardized, branded, fast-and-easy checkout experience. Founded in 2010 by a team that includes a former executive leading VeriSign’s Fraud Detection group, the privately-held company has partnered with leading payment gateways, processors, and e-wallets worldwide to ensure that both users and retailers enjoy full flexibility and the broadest of payment options. The company’s patent-pending, bank-grade security technology also keeps user information secure in PCI-compliant servers. For more information, please visit


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