DataCash and TV App Agency to develop Smart TV payment application

UNITED KINGDOM | Multi-channel payment processing services provider DataCash, a unit of MasterCard has collaborated with the television application developer TV App Agency to develop Smart TV payment applications.


Under the partnership, DataCash will combine its payment software with TV App Agency's TV App Engine to provide new way for brands and app developers to receive payments through different payment types and process transactions in multiple currencies.


The integration will allow the brands and app developers to increase their return-on-investment as well as create new business models. The new app can allow Smart TV users to purchase a product via their TV as well allow media partners to offer quick and easy subscriptions.


New app is expected to work across many different Smart TV brands including Samsung, LG, Phillips, Sony, Panasonic and OperaTV as well as Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox.


DataCash Innovations director Wendy Dobson said, "We recognise that Smart TVs is one of the key growth areas for the payments industry."


TV App Agency director and founder Bruno Pereira said, "Given the amount that brands are investing in the development of Smart TV apps, this is a great step in helping them maximise their return on investment and potentially identify new ways to capitalise on the Smart TV opportunity."


Sourced from, September 9th, 2013




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