Xsolla integrates TrustPay to provide gamers with payment option

Xsolla, a global virtual currency reseller has entered a partnership with TrustPay, a bank transfer network with coverage in Eastern Europe, to enable online players to pay for virtual goods.

Under the terms of the deal, Xsolla's over 19 million account holders, are able to select TrustPay as a payment option. TrustPay facilitates a network of partner banks and bank accounts in Eastern Europe to enable local bank transfers as a method of payment for local, and international, purchases without the need to open an account with TrustPay.

In recent news, Virtual Piggy, a US-based technology platform provider, has entered into an agreement with Xsolla to provide its service to the gaming community. Xsolla partners with over 200 payment service providers offering credit and pre-paid cards, mobile payments, premium SMS, e-wallets, cash and e-cash and payment kiosks.

TrustPay has also been selected by global payment platform Paymentwall to provide the latter’s users with payment alternative.

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