TV App Agency demonstrates SMART TV payment solution

LONDON | TV App Agency will showcase their T-Commerce Payment Solution at the Brightcove Digital Media thought leadership seminar, which is being held tomorrow. The Payment Solution will allow consumers to make quick, simple and secure payments on their Smart TVs.


Also for Purchases in Store

The SMART TV Payment Solution can also be used in the physical world where retailers and merchants can accept payments using an off-the-shelf smart device (i.e. smartphone, tablet) virtual terminal solution for each transaction.


Blurred Line

Consumers are currently faced with a blurred line between the digital ecommerce and the traditional store commerce worlds. Today they have to use a variety of payment methods to pay for their day-to-day items depending on whether they are doing digital or in-store transactions.


The TV App Agency challenge was to create a payment solution where this would no longer be an issue, with consumers able to have a single payment profile that enables them to buy goods or pay for services in any online or offline environment. And with retailers/merchants accepting payments for digital and physical goods and services, this is also an easy way to collect payment, allowing them to expand in both worlds without the need of using many disparate payment gateways. "Imagine a world where you can pay for a cup of coffee in your local shop and then pay for a video subscription service at home using the exact same simple payment method." - Bruno Pereira, TV App Agency


T-commerce Trend

With consumers' purchasing habits quickly becoming aligned with new technology, brands are quickly moving to capitalise on the Smart TV space. Online shopping alone is set to grow by over 50 percent in the next five years and new opportunities are opening for merchants to offer more convenient, innovative payment experiences. For retailers to truly benefit from this rapidly growing T-commerce trend, they need to ensure that their offering incorporates the simple and secure payments experience consumers have now come to expect.


T-commerce Payment Solution 

With this in mind TV App Agency have developed the T-Commerce Payment Solution using one of the biggest players in the payment gateway space and integrating it into the TV App Engine to provide a method of payment that is fast, convenient, and secure for Smart TV, mobile and web. TV App Agency's mobile solution also allows consumers to pay and retailers to accept payments in an easier way.


This solution also has the ability to accept payment in 177 different currencies, 42 different payment methods and store the user details (e.g. credit card details in a military grade and PCI compliant environment). This creates a huge range of opportunities as consumers will be able to pay for all their digital goods as well as physical goods using this simple payment solution.


On display at Brightcove Seminar 

"TV App Agency has developed an innovative solution to help retailers harness the fast growth of the Smart TV space and provide convenient payment opportunities for consumers on these devices," said Luke Gaydon, vice president of media, EMEA for Brightcove. "We look forward to seeing the TV App Agency solution on display at the Brightcove Digital Media seminar." TV App Agency will be giving a presentation and live demonstration of this SMART TV payment solution at the Brightcove Digital Media seminar tomorrow, including its integration with the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform.


About TV App Agency

TV App Agency works with leading brands to help them understand, plan, develop and succeed with Smart TV apps. The TV App Engine is an award winning platform which delivers low cost, maximum reach, faster to market apps for brands through the generation of a single source code to deploy and maintain across most Smart TV platforms.

Contacts: Bruno Pereira, 1 Sherwood Street, Piccadilly Circus, W1F 7BL +44(0)203-286-0021, @TVAppAgency



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