Mobile iDeal introduced by ING Bank Netherlands

VLEUTEN | Yesterday afternoon, ING announced their update of their Mobile Banking App, making it is possible for customers of ING to pay with iDEAL using the App for online purchases via smartphone and tablet. The iOS and Android update will improve the iDeal checkout experience for their customers. iDeal is by far the preferred online payment method in the Netherlands. Last month, the number of iDeal payments almost surpassed the 12 million transactions processed in one month. An all time record high.


Mobile iDEAL via Mobile Banking App

More and more people use their smartphone or tablet to make online purchases. And as of yesterday, ING customers can easily do these online purchases wherever they want and pay with iDEAL via their Mobile Banking App with a five digit mobile PIN.  The purchase amount and other checkout details appear pre-filled and payments can be made with just a few clicks or touches. According to ING, already 15% of all iDeal payments through ING's systems are done via a mobile device.


Following Rabobank

Last month, one of the other major Dutch banks, Rabobank, started with updating its iOS and Android apps to optimise mobile checkout using payment method iDeal. According to the Rabobank and ING website, both banks service respectively 7,2 and 8,6 million private clients. In other words, the optimised Mobile iDeal checkout is now available to the majority of consumers and online shoppers in the Netherlands.


Perfect timing

Especially now the Holiday season has started and 'Sinterklaas' and Christmas coming up, Rabobank and ING timed their introduction quite perfect. The lack of a simple and easy-to-use Mobile iDeal checkout did hold back the growth in mobile commerce for quite some time. The improved shopping experience via tablet and mobile will most likely boost online spendings in the upcoming months.


ABN Amro 

ABN Amro, the third bank in the Netherlands, is also working on an iDeal in-app integration, however has not yet announced when it will be introduced.


Preferred Online Payment Method in the Netherlands

iDeal payments, basically an online bank transfer, originate from the trusted and familiar online banking environment of the shopper. Merchants benefit from fixed, relatively low fees per transaction and there is no chargeback mechanism. Currence, owner of the iDeal payment method, reported a growth of 25% for last year, resulting in 117 million iDeal payments. For this year again an increase of around 22-24% is expected. About-Payments predicts for the full year of 2013 around 145 million of iDeal transactions processed.


* sourced from Currence.



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