Ukash enabling brazilian online shoppers to pay in US dollar

LONDON | Ukash, the global online cash payment provider, is giving global web brands a legitimate way to overcome Brazilian multi-currency restrictions by extending its availability through convenience stores across the country.


Convert Brazilian Real to US dollars

The result is that Brazilian consumers will be able to convert their Brazilian Real Ukash vouchers into US dollars, giving global brands access to the burgeoning Brazilian ecommerce market.



“We believe this is a ‘win win’ proposition for the Brazilian marketplace”, explained Miranda McLean, Marketing Director, Ukash. “By providing the facility for consumers to purchase Ukash vouchers in Brazilian Real at Petrobras and other independent outlets throughout the country, and then convert them into US dollars on the Ukash website we believe we are empowering the global economy.


Ukash Vouchers Online

“Our partnership with key Brazilian brands such as Petrobras, the state-owned petrol station, means consumers can easily purchase BRL vouchers across the nationwide network of stores. Once BRL vouchers are converted to Ukash vouchers online, Brazil’s shoppers are free to purchase items from the wide variety of Ukash merchants accepting USD payments. Ukash is, therefore, the ideal solution for merchants who don’t want to lose Brazilian customers at the checkout.”


More Choice in Brazilian Payment Methods

Brazilian consumers can purchase a Brazilian Real (BRL) voucher from retail outlets in Brazil and then convert it to a US Dollar voucher via the Brazilian site. The voucher can be used on Ukash’s growing network of merchant sites, accepting USD, bringing Brazil’s consumers more choice and payment options online. Ukash vouchers can be used across a range of sectors including shopping, gift cards, games, poker and bingo and can be used to pay directly at thousands of websites worldwide.


Local Legislation

Due to local legislation, Brazilians will need to provide their Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas (CPF) at registration or when using the conversion tool if they are an existing Ukash user. The CPF will be verified and then details of transactions will be reported on in order to meet local legislation requirements.


Press Release by Ukash, November 14, 2013



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