Yapital Magento Plug-In Now Available

LUXEMBOURG | Online-merchants working with the Magento Community Platform can now quickly and easily integrate the new cross-channel-payment solution, Yapital, as a means of payment. This is thanks to a free plug-in, which can be downloaded from the Magento Connect marketplace, and is straightforward to install.


Yapital integration plug-in

For customers, it will be immediately possible to pay either with their smartphones, by simply scanning a QR-code with their Yapital App and confirming the purchase, or by entering their Yapital credentials at the online checkout. The Yapital integration plug-in is available in both German and English.


Payment Service Provider Yapital Boosts Availability

By serving the Magento Community Platform, Yapital is again significantly enlarging its operational availability. The target groups of the eCommerce software-specialist Magento are a large share of small and medium sized merchants, as well as multi-channel and online-merchants with operations on a global scale.


First European cross-channel payment system

After just a few clicks, online merchants will be able to offer their customers a new, modern and intuitive payment-experience. Merchants themselves will benefit from the first European cross-channel payment system, as well as the guaranteed real-time-transactions.


'Integration couldn't be easier '

"Yapital is the straightforward payment solution for all occasions," says Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board of Yapital. "We are very pleased that we are now able to allow many more retailers to offer Yapital as a means of payment to their customers - and integration really couldn't be easier than with a free plug-in on the Magento Community Platform."



 Yapital Financial AG

Yapital is the first European cashless cross-channel payment solution for all channels: in-store, mobile, online and by invoice. It is easy, fast and secure to use: after registering online, the user can immediately send and receive cash via all channels using the Yapital payment solution.


For business customers, Yapital is a guaranteed payment solution, providing process reliability and reducing administrative costs. Yapital also covers all business and service channels, enabling marketing channels to become sales channels. This means business customers can use Yapital not only to reduce costs but also to unlock sales potential at the same time.


In 2011, Yapital was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. Yapital Financial AG is licensed in Luxembourg as an electronic money institution.


You can find out more about Yapital at:


About Magento, Inc.

The Magento eCommerce platform serves more than 150,000 merchants worldwide and is supported by a global ecosystem of solution partners and third-party developers. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class platform that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online store. In August 2011, Magento was acquired by eBay Inc., and is now a division of X.commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY).


Press release issued by Yapital Financial AG





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