Retail Decisions to offer Ukash

Following consumer demand, Ukash is now accepted by Retail Decisions, a major payment card fraud prevention and payment processing company, which supplies the payments industry worldwide.

Retail Decisions has added six new payment methods in response to the growing popularity of alternative payment methods and the trend for consumers to search for a wider choice of options online.

As well as Ukash, Retail Decisions' online retailers will now be able to accept payment through Amazon Payments™, Google™ Checkout, Green Dot®, Mazooma™, and Moneybookers.

Ukash chief executive David Hunter said: "This is great news, not only for Ukash and Retail Decisions' online retailers, but also for the thousands of consumers who feel that alternative payment options are a more secure and reliable way to spend online.

"Since its inception in 2005, Ukash has enabled consumers to use their cash online. We know that the cash economy is growing, not shrinking: with cash spending on the rise and online shopping increasingly popular, it seems only natural that the two should go hand in hand.

"The wider payment industry in general must respond to way consumers spend, as well as what they want to buy in order to survive. Alternative payment options, such as Ukash, can attract new online shoppers who may have had concerns about revealing personal financial details online. This also leads to new opportunities for online retailers to access large numbers of previously excluded people."

Carl Clump, CEO of Retail Decisions, commented; "Retail Decisions has supported alternative payments for some time but the addition of these six new methods expands our expertise in alternative payment processing.

"It is important that Retail Decisions meets the changing needs of consumers and online retailers internationally, taking into consideration payment preferences which vary dramatically across cultures."

Ukash is designed to enable consumers to use their cash online; banknotes and coins can be converted into 19 digit Ukash voucher code which can be exchanged at thousands of websites where Ukash is accepted. Or it can be used to load value into your favourite e-wallet or prepaid card, including our own Ukash NEO and UkashOut cards, to enable you to spend money wherever MasterCard® is accepted.


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