Bitfinex Added EgoPay as Payment Method

The international brokerage house and trading platform Bitfinex recently announced that they are widening their deposit choices by including EgoPay among their payment methods. In the bitcoin trading world, is considered one of the most advanced players due to their increased understanding on bitcoin exchange, out-of-this-world security and wide variety of features.

The number of brokers and trading platforms leveraging the benefits offered by EgoPay is constantly on the rise. Bitfinex have chosen a new partner regarding depositing and withdrawal, especially as more and more Internet users are coming to realize the huge benefits of trading online.

Trading online has never been easier and more affordable. In fact, bitcoins are now being used to pay for common goods or buy products online. You can now use this virtual form of payment to pay from everything, from smarphones and laptops to even tuition fees. Hence, Bitfinex leveraged the opportunity of expanding their business by working with EgoPay, as they will have access to a wider range of potential traders.

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