St Gallen, Switzerland, November 29th 2011 – CashRun, a leading provider of e‐commerce fraud management and global payment solutions is now registered full‐right trademark in the United States, as granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The service mark registration of CashRun certifies the origin and practice entailed in services and solutions offered by the company as true and unique, while binding them to Federal law. This registration therefore grants protection to CashRun e‐merchants against any counterfeit service or malpractice by a non‐registered service or service provider. Consequently, e‐merchants will enjoy higher performance level and at the same time will profit from the benefits of a strongly supported service mark.

E‐merchants based in or operating in the United States can now have the certainty that CashRun is an original registered service mark. “The recognition of CashRun as a trademark in the United States ensures our merchants benefit from officially backed solutions which comply with the high standards of excellence and quality required by this certification” stated Justin Lie, Managing Director of CashRun.

The registration in the United States comes after CashRun has been acknowledged registered trademark status in the European Union and the Republic of Singapore, the latter enabling CashRun to offer its solutions in not less than Europe’s 27 member countries. CashRun thus reaffirms its commitment towards e‐merchants to strengthen its brand globally and to foster excellence in service by complying with national and supranational regulations.

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