Sixdots Wallet Solution in Belgium Gets More Support

BRUSSELS | ING, KBC and Belfius have agreed to participate in launching Belgian's digital wallet Sixdots, next to the founders BNP Paribas Fortis and Belgacom. Each of these banks will offer Sixdots to customers and merchants as a solution in support of e-commerce and m-commerce. In their slipstream bpost bank, CBC, Record Bank, Fintro and Hello bank! will follow suit, they will all promote Sixdots towards their customers.


Sixdots solution also supported by Mobile Network Operators 

In addition, mobile network operators join Sixdots as commercial partner as well. Next to co-founder Belgacom, Mobistar and Base Company will also promote the Sixdots solutions, for example, to enable their customers to recharge their simcard with call credits conveniently via a mobile app.


Belgian Mobile Wallet Initiative 

Sixdots, the brand name of the Belgian Mobile Wallet initiative, brings innovative possibilities to Belgian merchants and consumers, offering convenient and secure shopping via smartphone, tablet and PC. Next to payments, couponing and loyalty cards, Sixdots focuses on a strong mobile identity and security for the consumer. Sixdots refers to the six digit security code for consumers on the platform. This innovation was announced earlier in 2013 by BNP Paribas Fortis and Belgacom. Today all the other Belgian major banks as well as the key mobile network operators join the Sixdots initiative as co-investor and/or commercial partner.


Sixdots, a range of new opportunities for merchants and consumers

The new type of services that Belgian merchants and service providers will offer thanks to the secure Sixdots platform to their customers are wide ranging: use your smartphone to make purchases from home or in the shop and to pay for these purchases; save travel or entrance tickets on your smartphone; or to use coupons and loyalty cards while shopping with your smartphone. Merchants from various sectors are already preparing themselves to participate in a pilot phase, as of end of January, to test thoroughly the various possibilities of the Sixdots platform.


Public Launch in Spring 2014 

Following the public launch in spring 2014, the consumer will be able to complete payments with his smartphone, covering purchases on PC, tablet and smartphone. Convenient and secure, without the need for a card reader, nor to enter repeatedly card data on various websites. Sixdots covers the shopping convenience, the security and the integration of the MasterPass payment solution via apps and websites. Sixdots uses the integrated MasterPass payment wallet that virtually manages debit- and credit card of the consumer and make them available for online and mobile payments. MasterPass is a product of MasterCard.


Visit the Sixdots website.


Contact Information

Hilde Junius - BNP Paribas Fortis, - +3225654737 -,

Kim Cauberghs - BNP Paribas Fortis, - +3222283794 -

Valéry Halloy - BNP Paribas Fortis, - +3225654650 -


Sourced from BNP Paribas, December 18th 2013.



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