Pivotal Payments announces Senior Vice President Global Acquiring

MONTREAL | Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of merchant services and global payment processing solutions, announced that Bill Ranta has joined the company as senior vice president global acquiring.


Develop Pivotal Payments' Global Acquiring

As a payment technology leader with more than 16 years of enterprise software service and sales experience, Ranta will be responsible for the development of Pivotal Payments' Global Acquiring business unit, with a focus on growing globally its base of e-commerce, m-commerce and other card not present (CNP) clients.


'Driving our CNP strategy'

"We look forward to Bill playing an important role in driving our CNP strategy by taking full advantage of the products, technology and resources in which we've invested and building a team truly capable of expanding our global presence," said Philip Fayer, president and CEO of Pivotal Payments. "Our goal is to help our clients expand globally to any region or country, with the ability to accept all forms of payment, in any currency and on any device."


'Take a Leadership Role'

"I'm thrilled to be joining a technology-forward organization that realizes the potential of bringing a true global platform to its clients," said Ranta. "By making it simple and quick to access the world's largest e-commerce regions, Pivotal Payments is in an excellent position to take a leadership role in the global acquiring market."


GlobalOne powers worldwide acceptance

As Asia-Pacific and Western Europe are poised to surpass North America in B2C e-commerce spending, Pivotal Payments is delivering the tools necessary for merchants to expand their sales worldwide. GlobalOne, its powerful acquiring platform and payment gateway, provides real-time, worldwide connectivity and supports over 60 major currencies, as well as alternative payment methods, which account for over $200 billion annually, or nearly a quarter of total e-commerce transactions. A smart transaction routing engine allows the company's clients to improve profits and take advantage of cost reduction opportunities.


Pivotal Payments' Global Acquiring Solutions

Pivotal Payments' global acquiring solutions comprise of:

  • Single payment gateway with connectivity to 130+ processors
  • Smart transaction routing, optimizing interchange and reducing service costs
  • FX management, multi-currency processing and localized alternative payments
  • Automatic account updater that corrects card changes, reducing declines
  • Recurring billing for flexible subscription management
  • M-Commerce and B2B payment processing
  • Tokenization and fraud management services

In previous senior roles with established global payment solutions providers, Ranta gained extensive payment processing knowledge in domestic and international transactions, along with direct marketing and product innovation experience related to emerging payments.


About Pivotal Payments

Innovative, reliable and affordable, Pivotal Payments is a leading provider of merchant services and global payment processing solutions. The company provides to point of sale, online and mobile merchants a variety of services such as debit and credit card processing, electronic check conversion, merchant cash advance programs, business discounts, loyalty/gift card programs and terminal management solutions. Pivotal Payments offers these services to small and mid-sized retail businesses, e-commerce, m-commerce and other card not present merchants, chain stores, franchises, restaurants and dealerships. Processing over US $10 billion in annual transactions, Pivotal Payments serves more than 60,000 customers. To learn more, visit


Sourced from Pivotal Payments, January 7th, 2013



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