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STOCKHOLM | DIBS, the leading online payment service provider in the Nordics, recently launched their annual report on the state of ecommerce and online and mobile payment behaviour in the Nordics. Their comprehensive report provides a detailed view of the developments in the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish ecommerce market.


Ecommerce is Natural Part of Everyday Life

The report shows that e-commerce has become a natural part of everyday life and regular buying behavior is reflected online, both on computers and mobiles. Consumers shop online more frequently than ever but still only complete 1,5 purchases per month on average. One in three state that they will increase their online spending next year.


Clear Distinction in Online Payment Behaviour

At first sight, one might think the buying behavior of all Nordic consumers is the same. However, at a closer look it becomes clear there are four countries with four different languages, four currencies and different online payment method preferences. Almost 90% of all Danish respondents prefer card payments as online payment method, compared to 28% of all Finish people interviewed (40% prefer online bank payments). In Sweden there are three popular payment methods that account for 90% of all respondents’ payment preference: cards payments (38%), online bank payments (23%) and invoice (29%).


Trend: Cross-Border Ecommerce

There is one thing the four Nordic ecommerce markets have in common: the number of people purchasing goods on foreign website is growing. Especially lower prices, products that are not available at home and consumer trust in payments and delivery, seem to boost the growth in international transactions. 58% of all Norwegian respondents indicate they purchased a product on a foreign website in the last six months.


Mobile Shopping On The Rise

In the past year alone, over 1.7 million new consumers in the Nordics started shopping on smartphones and tablets. Almost 30% of all Danish online shoppers used their mobile or tablet to purchase something online during the last six months. Important to recognize as well is that 40% of the mobile shoppers do not complete their purchases because the website is not optimized for mobile interaction and checkout. One in three state that they have cancelled a purchase because the right payment option was missing.


About the Report

The 75-pages report provides valuable insights and information for online merchants with ambition for the Nordic ecommerce market as well as for any online payment professional around the globe. The report has clear language and interesting supporting graphs. The report by DIBS is an annual publication and has been published since 2007. The report is based on interviews with 4000 consumers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway on the subject of online shopping.


Get your copy of the Nordic Ecommerce 2013 Report

Just click the following link and obtain your free copy of the report (no registration required): Online Payment Preferences in Nordic Ecommerce 2013.


About DIBS

DIBS offers the widest range of easy and secure online payment solutions in the Nordics. DIBS was founded in 1998 and was online payment pioneers at that time – today, it is the leading online payment provider in the Nordics. DIBS was the first to reach one billion transactions and today the company handles the payments of more than 15 000 online shops with annual sales of more than 10 billion euros. Each year, 2 000 new online shops choose a DIBS solution. The 100 employees located in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are constantly working on making online payments easy. DIBS is listed on First North with Redeye as Certified Advisor.




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