SOFORT enters Italian ecommerce market

ITALY | The italian Banca Sella Group and SOFORT entered into a strategic partnership to leverage online payment method SOFORT via GESTPAY, one of the italian leading ecommerce platforms.


'iDeal Alternative Payment Method' 

This cooperation allows GESTPAY to manage payments for online purchases via bank transfer in all 10 European countries that are covered by SOFORT AG. "SOFORT Banking represents an ideal alternative payment method for online shopping by greatly contributing to the closer integration of the inner-European market as well as to the simplification of cross-border payments", explains Alberto Bordiga, Head of electronic payments at Banca Sella Group Italy. By using SOFORT AG’s services, Banca Sella Group has again proven to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that inspired the founding of the original enterprise more than 120 years ago”, says Alberto Bordiga.“


SOFORT enters Italy

“After our recent strategic cooperation with Raiffeisen Banking Group Austria (RBG) SOFORT Banking has been able to set another pivotal milestone – this time in Italy, with Banca Sella Group”, explains Dr. Gerrit Seidel, CEO of SOFORT AG. “Banca Sella Group is the ideal partner for SOFORT AG, as its outstanding market position helps us to foster further growth and to strengthen our competitive position as a European company in the constant competition with US providers of online payment systems”.


SOFORT: Online Bank Transfers

“As our payment method works by interfacing the online banking infrastructure of the respective banks, we have a decisive interest in improving the customer relations between the end customers and their banks. Increasingly more customers are using online banking to conduct payments on the internet. As a consequence we are one of the major drivers to continually reinforce this customer loyalty effect between the user and its bank", says Gerrit Seidel.


More than 25,000 eCommerce shops already provide SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is becoming more and more important in the eCommerce business, increasingly replacing traditional payment methods such as payment in advance. SOFORT Banking users can rely on the high level of security the direct transfer system ensures for the transaction processing. SOFORT AG possesses the TÜV certificates "Approved payment system" and "Approved data protection" and is being audited by TÜV on a regular basis. Currently, more than two million SOFORT Banking transactions are carried out in over 25.000 eCommerce shops every month. This makes the payment method one of the most popular payment methods in online shops. Security of the payment process is a key element in the value chain of SOFORT AG and in line with the demands of the Banca Sella Group to jointly offer an innovative payment system that rewards both simplicity as well as security.


Sourced from SOFORT, 15th January 2014



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