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VLEUTEN - THE NETHERLANDS | About-Payments, the international platform for merchants looking to accept payments online and to optimise their payment checkout, today announced the launch of its fully restyled website. The new website enables online shops and businesses regardless of size, industry or location to easily search through world's largest database of Payment Service Providers, Payment Gateways and Online Payment Methods. 

Your Source for Accepting Payments Online

About-Payments simplifies the selection process for online merchants to find the right payment provider and payment methods for their online business. Merchants already selling online can use the platform to better understand market and payment trends and optimise their payment checkout process. The new designed platform consists of 3 key sections simplifying the 'World of Online Payments': Newsroom (News and Events), Knowledge Base (Providers, Methods and Markets) and Marketplace (opening soon). About-Payments has world's largest searchable database of over 300 Payment Service Providers and almost 100 online payment methods.



'Find, Compare and Select'

"Our aim is to create more transparency in the online payments industry by educating merchants and helping them to find, compare and select the payment methods and payment service providers that meet their demands", says Bob Manni, CEO and founder of About-Payments. The number of payment providers enabling merchants to take cards and alternative payment methods over the internet has grown tremendously over the last decade, countries have developed their own online payment culture and differ in their preferred payment methods for online and mobile purchases. New payment initiatives like Zapp in the UK, Paylib in France and MyBank in Europe might be the online payment methods of tomorrow. "Needless to say that merchants face challenges determining the best payment options for their online store and the right partner to process their online payments".



Search Engine for Payment Providers and Payment Methods

One of the most important features of the new platform can be found within the Providers and Methods section: an easy-to-use search engine that allows merchants to swiftly search for the payment service providers or payment methods that fit their criteria. Merchants can search for active providers in their country or markets or for the ones supporting their required payment methods and shopping cart.



Beta version

The new About-Payments' website will start in beta. "In the coming weeks we will further optimise the platform by adding new features and content that will improve the visitors' experience even more", says Erik van den Heuvel, Marketing Manager. 'We simply couldn't wait to launch the new platform as it is already unrecognisably better. The last couple of months we have worked hard to get a design that is future proof, with improved navigation, site speed and responsiveness. Even with this beta version we have managed all that. As this platform sits between merchants and payment providers, we invite both parties to provide feedback and help us to build a better platform".

Visit World's Largest Searchable Database of Payment Service Providers now. 


About About-Payments

About-Payments was founded in August 2012 with the ambition to create a worldwide platform where online businesses can search and find the right online payment solution, follow the latest online payment trends and learn more about payment culture and online markets.


At the same time, About-Payments aims to provide payment providers and methods the platform to cost-effectively showcase their products and value added services to a relevant audience. About-Payments has world's largest searchable database of over 300 Payment Service Providers and almost 100 online payment methods.


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Contact information

For inquiries, feedback or to become a partner of About-Payments: or +31 (0)30 755 5339.



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