AcceptEmail enables Payments via Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp

AMSTERDAM | AcceptEmail, the company that allows consumers to pay for goods and services via email, now enables (online) businesses to send their customers a payment request via text message, WhatsApp and through social media like Twitter and Facebook. AcceptEmail enables consumers to pay bills and invoices safely and easily via online banking, iDeal, paypal, and the major debit card and credit cards.


How does AcceptEmail work?

Consumers can pay from their own e-mailbox on their notebook, tablet or smartphone. All necessary payment details are pre filled for convenience and errors are practically impossible. An AcceptEmail clearly shows when the payment is due and how many days the shopper or consumer has left to pay. Confirmation of successful payment is shown instantly: the AcceptEmail banner in the original email changes from blue (to be paid) to green (paid). The payment request (email) then changes into a payment receipt.


Short Invoice Service enables Payments via Social Media

With world’s first Short Invoice Service, business are able to send their customers a payment request via a text message, WhatsApp and through social media in an easy, secure and clever way. The Short Invoice Service allows billers to simply convert an AcceptEmail into a short URL which can be send to the applicable buyer or user via Whatsapp and social media like Twitter. The link sends the recipient to the secured AcceptEmail transaction page. From this landing page the payment can be done, choosing one of the many available payment methods. The outstanding amount is safely paid via credit card (MasterCard and Visa), debit card (Maestro, V PAY), iDeal, and online banking or mobile banking.


'Customer friendly payment solution'

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO AcceptEmail: “Although this service is already available for some time now, widespread usage will be just a matter of time. Payment via social media of all kinds of bills will soon also be just as common as via traditional ways.” Using more than one billing channel will lead to more happy customers and faster payments according to Kwakernaak. “Companies who use multiple channels, see customer satisfaction improve and have better results in collections. By offering modern and customer friendly payment methods through more than one channel, you can improve your customers’ payment behavior dramatically.”


About AcceptEmail

The founders of AcceptEmail were closely involved in numerous online payment initatives throughout Europe and in the advent of email marketing as a communication medium. Both disciplines and fields of expertise were combined in creating AcceptEmail in 2007.  The founders were amazed by the vast volume of paper used for billing by businesses and government. The duplication of the same data over and over again by corporations and government in the order-to-cash process is a waste of time, money and paper and increases the incidence of typing errors. When AcceptEmail started in 2007, over 75% of all paper bills were re-entered into online banking applications. AcceptEmail delivers a premium realtime SaaS service with unique features such as the dynamic status indicator for the status of the payment request in the e-mail, insight into the behaviour of your customer, extended reporting, smooth integration tooling, correct representation in all e-mail clients (render ability) and spam-filter avoidance. AcceptEmail is independent of payment methods, banks, PSPs and BSPs. AcceptEmail does not collect money on behalf of customers, they enable the payment initiation.


Sourced from AcceptEmail, February 14th, 2014.



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