Laser Cards Replaced by International Debit Card Brands

IRELAND | Laser cards are currently being replaced by international debit card brands Visa Debit and Debit MasterCard and will cease to operate as and from 28th February 2014.


Merchants to remove all Laser Card references

After this date, the brand will cease to exist on debit cards and payments will no longer be accepted or processed. Chargebacks for Laser cards will continue to be processed until 27th August 2014. Merchants are instructed to make sure that all references to the Laser card scheme have been removed by February 28th.

About Laser

Laser is an Irish debit card brand and is accepted by the majority of Irish brick-and-mortar shops and online shops active on the Irish market. The Laser Card Scheme was established in 1996, providing an alternative payment tool to cash and cheques. By 1997 AIB, Bank of Ireland, Irish Permanent, National Irish Bank, TSB Bank and Ulster Bank were issuing Laser cards to their current account customers. ACC Bank and First Active joined the scheme later on and were the first to withdraw from the scheme a number of years later.


Laser in Numbers

Laser reached its highest numbers in 2011 when there were more than 3 million active Laser debit cards in the market. The highest value spent on goods and services was €201 million in one single year (2010). In 2013 the average number of sales on Laser per month is 3 million. The average monthly value of sales is €157 million.




Sourced from IPSO, Irish Payment Organisation Limited.





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