Stripe Launches Improved Payment Checkout

SAN FRANCISCO | Stripe launches a new version of their Checkout to further optimise the mobile and online payment experience and to ensure the best conversion rates regardless devices used. Stripe already tested the Checkout across all major operating systems, devices, thousands of sites and millions of transactions. 


Stripe's New Checkout Features

Stripe's revamped address handling now supports separate billing and shipping addresses and automatically pre-fills the shopper's country or fill in the city and state when a postal code is entered. Functionality and design is all geared up to make the last step in the shopping process as smooth as possible. In order to prevent wrongfully entered address details, the new Stripe Checkout supports billing address verification and notifies users if they mistype anything.


'Remember me'

Stripe has added a small “Remember me” checkbox that allows customers to save their payment information by providing their mobile phone number.  Their card details are securely stored and can only be 'unlocked' and used for successive purchases by entering a code the shopper receives via text messaging. See the user interface and the way it works with Stripe's Checkout Demonstration. Consumers do not have to retype their payment information or remember an additional password. Stripe's testing confirms that consumers are less likely to abandon their purchase if they can use this simplified payment checkout.

Stripe New Checkout Demonstration


Optimised for Mobile Payment Checkout

From recent experiences, Stripe has learned what works and what doesn’t work in relation to payment interfaces on devices and operating systems.  Stripe's Checkout has now been optimised for seamless interaction with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, tablet, desktop, and mobile.


About Stripe

Stripe launched in September 2011 and now processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Web and mobile businesses around the world using Stripe include Rackspace, Shopify, Reddit, Foursquare, DailyMotion and Lyft. Stripe is 93 people and headquartered in an old trunk factory in the Mission district of San Francisco. The company has received $130 million in funding. For more information visit their website:



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