CashShield by Cashrun protecting merchants against cyber fraud

SINGAPORE | CashShield, CashRun’s optimised Cyber Fraud Protection Technology, has been accredited by the Singapore Government. CashShield protects online merchants against card-not-present related fraud losses.


Cashrun boost order acceptance rates

CashRun acquires key funding for the expansion of its R&D operations to ensure the leading position of its optimized fraud management technology. This technology has helped online merchants worldwide to boost order acceptance rates, expand overseas and stay focused on their core competencies while protecting them against cyber fraud related losses.


Protect e-businesses from cyber risks

Providing a dynamic, sustainable and innovative environment that protects e-businesses from uncertain risks, CashRun has blazed the trail to cyber fraud risk management applied to e-commerce. “As a one-of-its-kind cyber fraud protection system, we are absolutely delighted to gain recognition for being the first to revolutinise and R&D into such an emerging field, which is essential for e-commerce to thrive”, stated Mr. Lie Wee Chian, Group Managing Director of CashRun.


Asia’s preferred hub for cyber security

Renowned for its ultra efficiency, the city-state of Singapore is rapidly becoming Asia’s preferred hub for cyber security as the Singapore government works to strengthen the country’s resilience against cyber fraud in its critical ITC sector. The recognition and support from the government further bolsters CashRun’s investments in R&D as it leads to innovate and accrue its expertise in fraud protection to stay ahead of cyber criminals and global competitors alike.


About CashRun

CashRun was established in 2007 to provide online merchants with effective, highly-specialized online fraud risk management. Since establishment, CashRun has had tremendous success with key industries, and continues to be at the forefront of cyber fraud management solutions. CashRun helps businesses to develop firmly their core competencies, protect as well as maximize their revenues and growth, and minimize the risks online fraud present to their operations. For more information, please visit


Sourced from Cashrun, March 26th, 2014



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