Pensio becomes AltaPay

DENMARK | Danish payment provider Pensio is undertaking a major relaunch and rebranding exercise and highlighting the evolution with a move to new offices in Copenhagen. The new name of AltaPay is to underline the company’s new global ambitions. CEO and Co-founder Christian Rasmussen explains: "with our overview of the market we are in a unique position to make the payment processing industry as transparent as possible. The relaunch is to reflect our position as a major global facilitator in this the next era of eCommerce services”.


Simplify payment processing

Working with a growing range of global and local payment providers and institutions, AltaPay is looking to simplify payment processing and remove one of the last great hurdles to global eCommerce. To create what Rasmussen calls “A ‘level paying field’ for ecommerce businesses large and small”.


Making online payments less complicated

Chief Technology Officer Emanuel Greisen knows all about the complexity of the payment industry. He built the AltaPay platform from scratch. An extreme but necessary move to offer genuine flexibility “Every single transaction can involve up to seven different parties – each with their own commission rates and fees. That’s before you start to account for currency exchange rates, order tracking, fraud management, etc. You have to deconstruct the whole process to make payments less complicated“


Flexible Platform

The experience of analyzing payment processes and rebuilding a platform to reinvent the whole system puts AltaPay in a unique position. Their expertise perhaps qualifies them as the ultimate consultants and partners in payment processing. The flexible platform they have developed means AltaPay is able to develop solutions that are tailored to specific industries and sectors, and implement payment solutions that best meet clients’ individual needs - from banks, credit cards and fraud solutions, to eCommerce providers and financial software. AltaPay services also include the regular negotiations with partners on fees and commissions so clients know all their prospective costs upfront. “It means our clients can get on with building their business.” Says Christian Rasmussen.


Click here for the introduction by AltaPay's CEO Christian Rasmussen.



About AltaPay

As well as cutting operational costs and making life easier for eCommerce providers, AltaPay claims its services can benefit the growth of eCommerce in general. “Simplifying and making payment more secure leads to higher conversion rates for websites. It also facilitates international expansion for merchants – by making it easier for any eCommerce business to accept a range of different currencies.” For more information visit Altapay's website.

Sourced from AltaPay, April 29th, 2014

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