USAePAY and PAAY partner to deliver speedy checkout

NEW YORK | PAAY, the innovative mobile wallet, and USAePAY partner to deliver a safe, fast, and simple online payment service to hundreds of thousands of merchants. PAAY's easy integration into any online shopping cart will enable USAePAY's clients to quickly adopt and utilize the payment service.

Simplified checkout process

PAAY will streamline merchants' online transactions, allowing consumers to use the wallet to bypass the often lengthy online checkout process. Consumers simply enter their number into the PAAY widget at checkout and the transaction is pushed to their phone where they will review the order and accept by inputting their personal pin. It's a quick process, which means a faster checkout and greatly reduced cart abandonment rates for merchants. PAAY also provides stronger protection from fraud by tokenizing and deleting consumer's credit cards after they are entered into the app.


Lower Interchange Rates

PAAY truly differentiates itself from other mobile wallets in the level of security offered by its software. Through its partnership with MasterCode and Verified by Visa, PAAY is able to reduce the risk inherent in CNP (Card Not Present) transactions. This enables PAAY to shift fraud liability away from merchants and processors as well as lower their interchange rates.



Safe Payments for both Consumers and Merchants

Yitz Mendlowitz, CEO of PAAY, commented, "improving the way we make online payments has always been the goal of PAAY. We imagined an app that would ensure simple, fast, and, above all, safe payments for both consumers and merchants. Our partnership with USAePAY will enable us to finally bring our secure, innovative payment system to US merchants."

Speedy and Secure Checkout

Vlad Galyuz, VP of Technology at USAePay, stated, "In the age of online security and vulnerabilities one can never be too secure with their personal payment information. PAAY offers a 2-factor authentication making payments secure and simple. USAePay is excited that this technology can be used along our intuitive payment gateway services. Merchants can now offer easier online checkout and customers can experience a speedy yet secure purchase process."



USAePay is a family-owned business based in Los Angeles, CA. For over 15 years, the company has been assisting merchants with payment solutions to fit their needs. USAePay's payment gateway supports most of the major platforms in the credit card industry and works with some of the leading check platforms. USAePay is pleased to work with most of the larger merchant service banks in the US and Canada. For more information, please visit or call 866.USA.EPAY (872-3729).

About PAAY

PAAY is an innovative mobile wallet that offers a safe, fast and incredibly simple way to make payments online. PAAY's secure software and 2-factor authentication ensures that consumers, merchants and processors are protected from fraud as well as reducing transaction fees and shifting liability. PAAY is an independent startup located in New York, NY.


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