G2 celebrates 10 Years of 'Mitigating Online Payment Risks'

UNITED STATES | G2 Web Services is celebrating its 10th anniversary. G2 monitors websites of merchants selling goods or services on possible violations to the merchant acquirers' acceptance policies and card scheme regulations. G2 Web Services helps acquirers and payment providers to prevent fraud and severe noncompliance assessments.

G2 solutions protecting Payment Providers

Since the company's inception in 2004, G2 has investigated, analysed and linked data from millions of online merchants and service providers and billions of data points, enabling G2 to identify risks on fraud and illegal or brand damaging activities potentially harming the Acquirers, ISOs or PSPs' business. Especially card scheme regulations are very strict when it comes to the measures Acquirers and Service Providers need to take to prevent illegal and brand damaging activity. In case of non compliance, these payment providers face substantial fines in addition to their operational and legal costs resulting from settling the violation. G2's solutions help payment providers to automate website monitoring and continuously look out for non compliance to mitigate financial losses and brand damage.


G2's key partnerships

G2's key partnerships with the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition, the PCI Security Standards Council, the Motion Picture Association of America, and other NGO and global law enforcement agencies help provide clients and other key partners with near-real-time merchant intelligence related to evolving risks and key trends. G2 continues to be committed to helping clients and partners successfully grow by leveraging G2's insightful merchant intelligence, exemplary service and support, and invaluable thought-leadership. "We are incredibly grateful and proud to be sharing our 10th anniversary celebrations throughout the year with our clients and partners in the payments processing community," said Edward Barton, President of G2 Web Services. "G2 continues to be fully committed to evolving and delivering best-in-class global merchant intelligence solutions, services, and thought-leadership through 2014 and beyond."



About G2 Web Services

G2 Web Services is a leading global provider of merchant intelligence solutions for members of the payments value chain. G2's key focus is to maximize clients' ability to grow their business by managing risks within each client's specific risk tolerance. G2's global breadth, depth, and experience gives acquiring financial institutions, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and payment service providers (PSPs) a unique perspective to successfully navigate the complexities of changing regulations, card network rules, and the rapidly shifting payments landscape to identify risk. G2 Web Services has nearly 300 strategic clients and partners across 50+ countries. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, and has sales offices in London, Sydney, and Shanghai. For more information, visit

Sourced from G2 Web Services, April 30th, 2014

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