American Express SafeKey available on SIX payment platform

ZURICH | SIX Payment Services has integrated American Express SafeKey into its Saferpay payment platform as the first payment service provider in the German-speaking market. American Express Safekey acts similar to Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, the competitive anti-fraud and chargeback solutions of Visa and MasterCard. All solutions aim to prevent unauthorised use of their credit cards.

American Express Safekey

American Express SafeKey is a so-called 3-D Secure authentication tool that reduces online fraud by confirming the cardholder's identity with an additional password. Upon payment checkout at an Amex Safekey enabled online merchant, the cardholder needs to enter their password to prove to the merchant and issuing bank he or she is the legitimate owner of the credit card. In a real-time, online process the password is verified by the cardholder's bank. If the password matches, the payment is authorised and the merchant and shopper get instant approval. The merchant then gains protection for potential chargebacks (customer wants to undo the transaction) as a result of fraudulent use of the card.

First German Payment Provider to Support SafeKey

According to Sascha Breite, Head Future Payments at SIX Payment Services: “Millions of euro are lost to businesses each year through fraud and the tedious analysis of such cases. American Express is now using this secure procedure to increase user confidence in credit cards as a payment method. SIX is pleased to be the first American Express provider in Germany to support SafeKey and to thereby further expand the market potential.”

American Express SafeKey Merchant Plug-In

Online merchants already using the Saferpay payment solution from SIX Payment Services can quickly and easily activate SafeKey. The integrated merchant plug-in conducts the cardholder verification during checkout.

American Express SafeKey Demo Video

Please visit the American Express SafeKey website for more information. Click the image below to view the American Express SafeKey Demo.



About SIX Payment Services

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Sourced from SIX Payment Services, February 2014

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