Adyen Adds Interesting Payment Options to its Platform

AMSTERDAM | Adyen enhances its platform with new payment functionalities and checkout options. Adyen has extended its Adyen Payout Service and will soon launch UnionPay ExpressPay and enable merchants to accept JCB cards online, the Japanese credit card brand.

Adyen PayOuts now available in 18 Eurozone countries

Adyen PayOut is a fully integrated service that automates the processing and reporting of electronic payouts for businesses in areas such as market places, gaming and travel. Since the introduction of SEPA, Adyen enables euro payouts using SEPA bank transfers. Adyen's solution provides a simple and cost effective way for merchants to manage their payouts without the need for multiple local bank accounts. The Payout service allows merchants to initiate bank transfers through the Adyen back-office to any recipients in the Eurozone countries. The benefits for merchants are no cross-border fee, control of received amount and remittance, at the latest, on the next business day.

Support of UnionPay ExpressPay

ExpressPay is a UnionPay payment method allowing UnionPay cardholders to perform online payments using previously stored card data, making ExpressPay very suitable for recurring payment business models and speedy checkouts (for mobile and tablet checkouts). UnionPay ExpressPay is expected to be available on the Adyen payment platform in the coming weeks and will support “zero amount authorization” or “Account Status Inquiry” (a validation of a card with a no-charge payment), as well as partial refund and partial payment capture. As a UnionPay acquirer, Adyen will offer full services for UnionPay ExpressPay payment processing including reconciliation and settlement outside of China. ExpressPay will be available on the Adyen payment platform for all merchants with a European, U.S or Hong Kong local legal entity; with new regions to follow.

Merchants able to accept JCB Online transactions

Expected to be available at the end of this month, Adyen will make it possible for merchants to accept JCB cards online. This major Japanese payment method is becoming more and more popular outside of Japan. Out of the 80 million JCB cardholders, approximately 15 million customers are using JCB cards issued in countries and area outside of Japan.


Sourced from Adyen, May 5th, 2014

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