MyBank unveils new Logo and Website

BRUSSELS | MyBank, the pan-European e-payments framework, enabling online SEPA credit transfers, SEPA direct debits, and e-Mandates, has a new logo and website. The site and logo have both been refreshed as MyBank enters a new stage.

MyBank new logo

Key-Shaped MyBank Logo to Unlock SEPA e-Payments

The MyBank logo keeps the word “MyBank” as its focus and the two-blue colour format, while at the same time sharpening and brightening the image so that its stands out more clearly on merchant’s websites. At the same time, one will notice that the logo is in the shape of key. This represents that MyBank is designed to unlock the power of the current account for consumers, while at the same time safeguarding the privacy and security of personal data.

MyBank Cornerstones

Secure Payments, Trusted Identity highlights the three key elements of MyBank.

  • Trust”, is the first cornerstone on which MyBank is built. This of course can be understood as the ‘technical security’ that relates to data security, but also means the trust needed between people who reach out across the internet to do business.
  • Payments, is the functional building block that MyBank started with.
  • Identity, is the next chapter of MyBank, moving beyond empowering money transfers from one person or business to another.

The New MyBank website

The new MyBank website has a lighter and cleaner layout, allowing users to find information more quickly, while showcasing key messages and capturing the spirit of MyBank’s simplicity. The website also comes with a refreshed MyBank merchant check-out experience and brand platform.


Sourced from MyBank, May 14th, 2014

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