paysafecard simplified checkout now available in Croatia

LONDON | continues its international expansion by launching its online account “my paysafecard” in Croatia. With the latest move, consumers in 28 countries can now pay for their online purchases via their paysafecard account by simply entering their username and password.


Paysafecard is a card that can be purchased in physical outlets. The consumer receives a card/voucher - representing the value paid for - with a 16-digit PIN. At a merchant that accepts paysafecard payments, the consumer enters the PIN and the online purchase is completed. paysafecard users are able to shop and pay online without the need for a bank account or credit card. The paysafecard 16-digit PIN is all that is needed to complete a payment transaction.

paysafecard is now present and accepted in 37 countries and available through over 450,000 outlets worldwide. paysafecard transactions are not applicable to chargebacks and therefore a guaranteed online payment method for merchants. paysafecard allows merchants to tap into markets where consumers are unbanked or do not have access to credit cards. Click here to see all payment providers that enable merchants to accept paysafecard in their ecommerce shop.

Customers pay with their unique user name and password

my paysafecard allows users to combine their paysafecard PINs in an online account. Instead of having to enter individual PINs when making a purchase online, the account enables customers to pay with their unique user name and password. my paysafecard is not linked to a bank account and can be topped up by using the unique 16-digit PIN that comes with each paysafecard. The account gives customers a full overview on information such as the current account balance and transaction history at all times. The system automatically combines the paysafecard PINs for each payment, ensuring that the remaining credit on the paysafecard PINs is always used up.

No fees, no additional hardware or software

The registration process for my paysafecard is simple as it only requires an email account and a mobile number. No fees apply for the registration or use of my paysafecard. Neither the users nor the online shops need any additional hardware or software to use my paysafecard. The previous payment process, for which the 16-digit PIN is required when making a purchase in an online shop, remains in place.

Limited and unlimited paysafecard edition

As in most other countries in which the online account is available, customers in Croatia can opt for a standard or an unlimited version of my paysafecard. The annual limit for the standard version is 19,000 Croatian kuna (approx. 2,500 euros). In order to use the unlimited edition, identification and a proof of address are required.

paysafecard loyalty programme my PLUS

With the launch of my paysafecard in Croatia, consumers across the country can now also benefit from “my PLUS”, a loyalty programme for all customers who use my paysafecard. The programme, which has been developed and technically implemented by paysafecard, was launched at the beginning of April in 27 countries.

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Sourced from paysafecard, May 19th, 2014

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