ECP Acquiring Services now available through IPG Payment Gateway

LONDON |  E-Comprocessing (ECP) is now one of the available merchant acquirers via the IPG payment gateway.  ECP offers Visa and MasterCard processing services to e-commerce merchants. Internet Payment Service Providers (IPSPs) and online businesses already using the IPG payment gateway can now use ECP for global card processing, competitive pricing and sophisticated transaction reporting.

'without any further integration'

“Having an additional processing gateway gives our partners the opportunity to choose the best way for successful and secure online processing for their merchants at competitive pricing”, says Yoni Roth, Managing Director at ECP. “Entities already integrated with IPG can utilise a direct acquiring relationship with us without any further integration – a substantial advantage that will save them both effort and resources.”

Real time risk and fraud inspection

Through the integration of one more high-performance payment gateway, ECP partners and merchants will receive a customised, individually oriented service to boost their business results. Sophisticated reporting tools and advanced real time risk and fraud inspection systems are all supported to guarantee a hassle-free online processing experience guided by a dedicated team of expert professionals.

Valuable Acquiring Channel

“We are very pleased to be working with ECP, a valuable acquiring channel for licensees of the IPG gateway who always looking for robust, reliable acquirers specialised in servicing eCommerce merchants”, says Alan Conder CEO of IPG. This integration confirms ECP’s mission to deliver innovative solutions and services for the advanced needs of the online businesses thanks to on-going developments and upgrades.

E-Comprocessing Profile

E-Comprocessing (ECP) is a UK registered Principal Acquiring Member, offering Visa and MasterCard processing services to online e-commerce merchants and processing transactions worldwide. Risk and treasury teams supported by purpose-build full Level 1 ?PCI DSS compliant payment network, combined with the use of fraud detection and fraud ??prevention tools fully manage and control successful merchant activities. For more information please visit their website:

?About IPG

Since 1997, IPG Holdings Limited (IPG) has been a leading global provider of high performance, high availability Internet payment solutions tailor made for ISOs, MSPs and IPSPs. IPG's leading edge technology provides the ideal solution for the efficient and effective outsourcing of all aspects of payment processing and lets clients focus on building their business, confident that they have the tools and support needed to effectively manage their processing, risk management and security needs.


Sourced from ECP., June 10th, 2014

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