American Express Launches Online Shopping Benefit for Cardholders

Just in time for the holiday season, American Express announced today that is has launched a new and innovative resource for card members that will help maximize the efficiency and ease of their online shopping efforts this year.

Called inSite, the tool is available as a free download for AmEx members who are enrolled in its Membership Rewards program.

According to the launch press release, inSite will automatically point out and deliver Membership Rewards bonus points, discounts, free shipping deals and other special benefits directly to enrollees while they’re actually shopping online.

“Shoppers know that some of the best offers and deals can be found online, but traditionally, consumers are required to seek them out,” said Elizabeth Skinner, American Express’s vice president of marketing. “Now, through inSite, we are transforming the online shopping experience by bringing those offers right to our Cardmembers while they shop online– from search results through to check out. inSite is unique in the marketplace and eliminates the hassle of looking for specials or visiting offer pages to find deals prior to making a purchase online. It ensures our Cardmembers do not miss out on any of the special benefits that come with their Card.”

More than 250 leading brand names are part of the special offers available under inSite, including Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble and Crate & Barrel, among others.

When an inSite enrollee is shopping online and a discount becomes available, the shopper’s online search results will include a blue American Express icon next to the item that is part of the special offer, along with an arrow. Scrolling a cursor over that icon will reveal more details of the offer and give the shopper one-click access to redeeming it, which they can do or simply continue shopping as they normally would. inSite is also set up to give members special offers directly when they’re shopping on participating retail sites.

While any American Express cardholder can download the program, most of the current offers are geared only towards those Membership Reward members with Platinum, Gold, Green, Zync or Blue AmEx cards. That will probably change though, as American Express intends to widen the number of available offers to include even more card holders.

inSite, which was created in conjunction with Billeo Inc., is compatible with most web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. And for added peace of mind, the tool also adheres to a strict standard for customer privacy. It operates without PIIs (Personally Identifiable Information), which can give scammers direct access to sensitive customer information such as names, addresses and phone numbers.

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