Braintree adds PayPal as a payment option

UNITED STATES | Braintree, the payment gateway bought by PayPal, announces the release of a new product called the 'Braintree SDK (software development kit)'. This kit allows online, mobile and in-app merchants and sellers to easily and quickly integrate and accept payments. To no ones surprise, the new piece of payment software allows businesses to easily accept PayPal next to other major credit cards.

As simple as flipping a switch

Braintree previously offered SDKs for developers looking to accept payments within their applications. This new SDK is meant to replace those earlier versions and has been built in such a way that turning on or off PayPal, as well as any future payment methods Braintree chooses to integrate, will be as simple as flipping a switch. In addition to offer 'Pay by PayPal' checkout, the payment software enables slick buying experiences and offers customisable user interface features. According to Braintree, developers can set up payments and be up and running within 15 minutes (or less).

Braintree SDK features

Built with the future of payments in mind, the Braintree SDK features:

  • Pay with PayPal: merchants can accept payments through PayPal without needing to do a separate integration. Developers can now seamlessly tap into PayPal’s base of over 148 million active customers with just a few lines of code. People can pay with PayPal either on a one-time basis, or store their PayPal credentials for easy pre-approved future payments.
  • Fully optimised Drop-in User-Interface (UI): an easy way to integrate the Braintree checkout solution which is flexible enough to be completely customisable. This allows merchants to fully control the user experience.
  • Engineered for the future: the Braintree SDK is to stand the test of time - any future feature updates will be simple to add so businesses always have easy access to latest payment method and features. 


Github: 'easy for us to offer PayPal as a payment option'

Tim Clem, Product Director at GitHub, said, "GitHub has been using Braintree to process credit card payments since we launched in 2008, and the new APIs supporting PayPal fit seamlessly into our existing billing system. Thanks to the Braintree integration, it's easy for us to offer PayPal as a payment option to the more than six million developers who use GitHub already, and to reach new users who prefer to use PayPal."

Braintree availability

Beginning in the U.S, where the SDK is now available, Braintree will soon be rolling it out to other countries. To find out more about the specifics of the integration, check out the Braintrust blog and Braintree website.


Sourced from Braintree, July 9th, 2014

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