Bill Me Later Debuts in China: Beltal and PayPal Steps to Further Cooperation

Recently, PayPal launches their new payment service Bill Me Later in China. is a pioneer in the country to integrate the service into their foreign trade platform.

Beltal is a well-known B2B platform for small foreign trade business. With tens of thousands reliable sellers, over 2,000 product categories and 5,000,000 available items, the company is a great sourcing hub for people who are interested in purchasing elite products directly from China.

Beltal has been using Escrow buyer protection from PayPal on the website to ensure their oversea buyers' secure purchase since the year of 2003. The introduction of Bill Me Later will undoubtedly further the cooperation between Beltal and PayPal and create more secure and easier payment environment for platform buyers.

For any buyer who uses Bill Me Later on, he/she could place an order without a credit card. Simply providing his/her birthday and the last four digits of the social security number, he/she could purchase the wanted items on the platform. Plus, they have 90 days to finish their payment.

Since the economic crisis exploded in 2008, people all over the world, especially westerners, have been suffering from decreasing income, unemployment, employment pressure, etc. Many consumers' purchasing power drops down sharply. They need a more flexible payment to ease their financial pressure.

Although PayPal is a world-admitted safest electronic payment service online with over 84 million active accounts and more than 220 million clients in 190 markets, many people still worry that their PayPal payment online might threaten their identity safety and credit card confidentiality, especially when they buy from another country on the globe.

The superiority of Bill Me Later perfectly complements the existing PayPal service. Bill Me Later's launch in China allows people in western countries to enjoy more convenience and more security guarantee when they buy products from the country over the internet.

"In the past, if I place an order for 1,000 dollars, I need to pay my full bill immediately. But Bill Me Later makes things different." One American consumer from Beltal said. "I could choose not to pay my purchase immediately. Bill Me Later gives me 90 days to finish my payment. It is just like I apply for a 90-day loan. I could buy anything from China I like at any time."

Bill Me Later is a more favorable payment service among wholesalers of China products in western countries. It allows these people to pay their bill on after they receive their items or even sell them. There are no funds they need to prepare for the business operation circulation.

Advantages of Bill Me Later ensure users more convenient, faster and easier payment services. For people who like to buy cost-effective products from China wholesalers, they could get their purchase done more conveniently and more securely on Beltal.

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