10 things that you need to know when choosing a payment service

BLOG by ECOMCHARGE | It is common knowledge that the payment services market is highly competitive: banks, service providers, aggregators, small processing companies all offer online payment processing services. How does an online business owner choose the right payment service provider? What points should be paid attention to and what issues should be considered when evaluating different offers? Where one start and whom does one turn to?

Many business owners think that they do not need intermediaries, and appeal directly to a local bank in order to open a merchant account. The bank will not able to answer their questions (what payment gateway is better for them, for which CMS there are modules), or to discuss integration API and reliable anti-fraud protection tools. It turns out that the price is not critical if you do not get the necessary functions for convenient and safe payment processing.

You can Google your questions and you are certain to get hundreds of company names that offer to arrange an easy and trouble-free payment processing for your website. It’s quite difficult to pick one from such a pool. To begin with, decide which company you want to work with: if we discard the banks because of the above reason, your choice lies between a payment aggregator and a payment service provider with who helps you get a direct merchant account in a bank.

Next, the merchants usually compare the prices of the services. It is understood that the price is one of the key factors for the decision, but there are other moments that are worth consideration before the signing the contract with the provider.

• Types of the offered means of payment (credit cards and / or electronic money);

• Geography, i.e. from which countries can the provider receive and process the payments;

• Ability to process payments in multiple currencies;

• Costs: - per transaction, - for integration, - monthly or annual fee, if any;

• Fees, if any, for additional services, such as anti-fraud tools;

• Frequency of pay-outs (days);

• The rolling reserve / security deposit (the per cent of the total amount frozen for a certain period);

• API and the integration speed;

• Payment modules availability (if your online resource uses a specific CMS);

• A training resource base, where you can learn to use the system, FAQ or a section where you can ask technicians questions and get a prompt response.


You also need to evaluate the system interface, which you are offered to use: how can it be adapted and customized to fit your needs, for example, to get the required report for accounting or to track the number of “failed” transactions in real time.

bePaid payment solution allows ecommerce businesses to accept multicurrency online payments performed with the most common credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard / Maestro, American Express, Diners / Discover, JCB). The security of payments is guaranteed by a payment gateway, certified in accordance with PCI DSS Level 1, MaxMind fraud prevention systems and 3-D Secure, as well as round the clock transaction processing system monitoring. You can choose from several integration options. Besides, our ready-made payment modules for popular CMS ensure convenient and fast of integration for businesses of all types and sizes.

eComCharge team will consider your application within two working days, provide professional advice and assistance on all administrative and technical issues associated with payment processing at your website.

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eComCharge is a payment service provider, certified in accordance with the requirements of PCI DSS Level 1, a payment solutions developer and a technical integrator of payments. eComCharge cooperates with leading European and international banks, processors and payment systems to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses.


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