PayPoint achieves 10 year PCI DSS compliance milestone

LONDON | PayPoint, an international leader in payment technologies, has achieved PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance for its online payment platform for the tenth consecutive year.  This milestone demonstrates PayPoint’s long-term commitment to consistently meeting industry standards.

"PCI DSS essential more than ever"

“At PayPoint, PCI DSS has always been a fundamental part of our business and is deeply baked into our business processes," commented Dan Salmons, Managing Director, PayPoint Mobile and Online.   “A decade ago, when we gained our first certification, the world of payments and mobile commerce was much less demanding.  With PCI now absolutely essential, we are proud to have achieved compliance for the tenth year running.  We feel it shows just how dedicated we are to creating a safe payment environment for our clients and their customers."

Security more important than convenience

Research commissioned by PayPoint in May 2014 found that security is more important among consumers than convenience when deciding how to pay.  Over half of UK consumers (55%) view the security of our payment methods as the most important factor in deciding how we pay – while only a quarter (26%) believe convenience to be the most important deciding factor. The PCI Data Security Standards are a comprehensive set of global standards designed to ensure the highest levels of protection for consumer payment card data.  They apply to all businesses that process, store and transmit sensitive cardholder information, and certification must be renewed annually.

Ben Densham, Head of Compliance at Nettitude, added:  “The security criteria for achieving PCI compliance are pretty extensive and continue to get more comprehensive each year. They include a wide range of elements, from data encryption and network security to access to data and firewalls. We’re therefore happy to announce that, for the tenth year in a row, PayPoint’s online payments platform has achieved PCI compliance following a successful audit from the team at Nettitude.”

Sourced from PayPoint, August 14th, 2014

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